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Essays and Journalism 2 - Carradale
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By Mitchison, Naomi. Edited with an introduction by Moira Burgess
ISBN 184921011x
SERIES The Naomi Mitchison Library
Paperback  434 pages
Published 14 November 2009
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Volume 2 in the seven-volume edition of Naomi Mitchison’s Essays and Journalism is devoted to her writing about the West Highland village of Carradale, to which she moved in the late 1930s and where she lived for over sixty years. She writes about many aspects of Carradale: her farm, the local fishing industry, the big garden which was particularly dear to her heart, and ‘the village and the Big House’. A long essay, ‘Rural Reconstruction’, never reprinted before, is a snapshot of Carradale in the 1940s and a spirited presentation of Mitchison’s dreams for its future. These digressive, charming, combative pieces show both the practical and the thoughtful sides of her writing, often to touching effect: she cared deeply for Carradale and its people, and the book is a wonderful introduction to a beautiful part of Scotland and a major writer.

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