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By Rae, Ian
ISBN 1849210489
Paperback  370 pages
Published 4 September 2010
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Ian's first novel, The Wizard from the Isles, told the story of a powerful wizard, Robbie Taran, who was born in the Outer Isles of Scotland and whose life spanned the twentieth century. The sequel, Tribulation, finds the world in the twenty-first century approaching crisis through over-population, pollution and climate change. In this fraught world it is clear that Dark Wizards are manipulating the powers of nations for their own ends, and a cataclysm long-prophesied is seen as imminent. The descendants of Robbie Taran step away from these events - for wizards of Nature generally keep aloof from human affairs - choosing to bide their time on a remote island in the Southern Ocean until Nature has again turned full circle. The cataclysm - the Tribulation - is horrific and genocidal. It is controlled by Dark Lords, one of whom becomes the anti-pope Peter, according to the prophecies of the mediaeval mystic St Malachy. Yet their dominance is undermined by their own destructive character, and in the final confrontations the power of Nature is reasserted. A much diminished world is left to decide which course it will choose to ensure human survival. The course of that survival will be revealed in the third volume, Dark Renaissance, to be published next year.

Ian Rae is an Australian writer of entirely Scottish ancestry. Before he became a full-time writer he was an academic in the field of history, and a qualified psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist. He has also been a professional singer and musician, and a sculptor.

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