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Pirate Jock: Confessions of a 60s DJ
By McLaughlin, Jack
ISBN 1849211167
Paperback  432 pages
Published 18 September 2012
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With the arrival of pirate radio ships in the early 1960s, the listening habits of British teenagers changed forever. This brave new world of pirate radio was daring, exciting and glamorous, and one that thousands of young men were desperate to join. Including 22 year-old Jack McLaughlin. Now a Scottish broadcasting legend, in this book Jack tells how he did just that - and some of what happened next - with death-defying working conditions and high drama, where young pirates risked life and limb to become radio stars. To set the scene, he retraces his early life and career - from bingo caller, to House Uncle in a London children's home, then a History teacher. And tells of the moment that changed his life, when he heard pirate radio being broadcast for the first time. Once at sea, apart from sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, there are fires, sea sickness, a jail cell and a Force Twelve hurricane. Plus the fierce rivalry and backstabbing of some of his fellow Jocks. All in the context of the Beatles, the Stones, Bowie and Hendrix and the incredibly colourful characters who also found themselves in the off-shore 'floating rust buckets'.

"Pirate Jock is as refreshing as a being hit in the face by a giant wave on a freezing cold day - but a helluva lot more fun. It's the story of the arrival of commercial radio through the eyes of a class broadcaster - who knows how to transmit a great tale." Brian Beacom, Glasgow Herald/Evening Times.

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