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Keep Breathing Out
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By White, Maurice
ISBN 1849211191
Paperback  208 pages
Published 18 June 2013
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Dr David Benn, a young Dublin Jew, arrives at Saint Elba's Mental Hospital in Dargle.He's the new locum, and it's 1969, when strange things were actually happening. A time when some challenging ideas were translated into actions. Even in the small, closed Catholic community where a love affair takes its course. "Diseases of locums." David read aloud from the book. "It says here that locums suffer anxiety, a nameless dread, a sense that the world is going to suddenly come to an end". He turned the page. "They envy those with long term security." "Sounds everyday stuff for your average Yid."

"A gem of a novel. David Benn represents, in so many ways, the curious life of living on the border - an insider on the outside and the outsider on the inside - in Ireland in the 60s - a tradition and culture so exquisitely evoked here in its detail, and its need for, yet resistance to, change. The book is at once racey and iconoclastic, it is about love and loss and is not a stranger to the darkness of human relations - with a quirky detail of insight which keeps the pages rapidly turning." - Margot Waddell

'This is a novel which plunges us head first into the cauldron of radical sixties thinking around race, religion, sex and madness . Its stylistic range is impressive and there are moments of great lyrical beauty, as well as mordant satire and finely observed comedy. ... all the makings of a cult classic.' - Queequeg

Born an Irish Jew in Dublin, Maurice White graduated in medicine then psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin. Later, he trained and worked as a Kleinien Psychoanalyst at the Institute of Psychoanalysis in London. A journalist and broadcaster, his hobbies have included backyard pigs and horse racing.

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