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Collyshangles in the Canopy
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By Brown, Ian
ISBN 1849211515
Paperback  214 pages
Published 17 September 2015
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Ian Brown’s poems conjure up a world of images and after-images, intimacies sacred and profane, and touching vignettes of times past. These range from laments and choruses from his supple Scots version of Antigone to heartfelt expressions of remembrance and loss. In some he breathes life into beloved ghosts, while others strike a note of unabashed physicality. And he vividly evokes and recalls widely diverse milieux and terrains in Scotland and abroad – from his mother’s memory of pierrots in a Fife harbour to the indelible impact of sites of such cultural import as Lascaux and the Temple of Athene in Assos. - Stewart Conn

Ian Brown’s poems take us on memorable journeys into the past and across the globe, while being rooted firmly in today’s Scotland. They have the timeless quality that comes with their compelling intimacy and artistic integrity. This collection is like a familiar birdsong one hears when lost in a deep forest, which reaffirms the compassion and joy, love and longing that make our ‘work-worn life’ meaningful.- Bashabi Fraser

There is a long journey contained in this collection. Ian Brown has travelled far in geographical terms, but in these poems he keeps returning home. Not that this is straightforward: there are diversions of language (Scots, Gaelic, English, Italian and others), memories both painful and kind, jokes, asides and deeper reflections; and he recognises that the span of history overarches any single life’s path. Most of all one takes from these pages a sustained wonder at being human, at being here at all: ‘the weave of space and time is full of folk’.James Robertson

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