Kennedy and Boyd

The Call
By Straw, Leigh
ISBN 1849211590
Paperback  262 pages
Published 14 July 2016
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DS Claire Patterson is back. It's a year since the Limestone case and rival organised crime leaders look set to turn the city into a battleground for their ruthless ambitions. When a body washes up in the river and a man is found dead near the Round House, the Fremantle team know the underworld feud just got a whole lot deadlier. Claire's former partner, Michael Halliday, is refusing to come back to work. Facing retribution for the Limestone case, Halliday is keeping a low profile managing his pub. DS Luke Groves is brought in from the Organised Crime Squad in Perth to fill Halliday's position and he's looking to make his mark at Fremantle Station. As war looks set to boil over in Fremantle's underside, Patterson and Groves know they need to end the feud before it claims another victim. Next time it could be one of their own.

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