Kennedy and Boyd

By White, Maurice
ISBN 1849211647
Paperback  212 pages
Published 14 July 2016
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"I've watched you Joe. And Joe, you are the raw material I can work with." An elaborate racing scam is being conceived and controlled from a prison cell by its mastermind, Rick Stern. Hand-picked recruits are to be trained to build up a stable of horses. Each member will have a special contribution - as Joe discovers when he's called to Rick's cell to be offered a job on discharge from the prison. At the prison gate he is met not by his old girlfriend, Nora, but by the stunning Lily who acts as a go between for Rick. At the stables, his initiation is the first of a chain that absorbs the diverse talents of those chosen to blend not only their minds, but also their bodies, to one common purpose. An ex-jockey, a trainer, a psychologist, and an ex-priest join the team. The intimacy, the rewards of integration, at first fulfil the wildest dreams of Joe. As the project expands, they incorporate a new recruit, fresh talent. But the newcomer begins to notice the cracks that have begun to show in the great plan.

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