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Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. (1837) Volume 6
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By Lockhart, John Gibson
ISBN 1849211868
SERIES Scottelanea
Paperback  404 pages
Published 19 July 2013
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The Scottish writer and editor, John Gibson Lockhart, published his first full attempt at a biography of his late father-in-law in 1837. This is Volume 6 of a new reprint of that Seven Volume edition. Lockhart starts with a note to explain that his original project of six volumes has now expanded to seven. This one covers just two years, 1825 and 1826, but there is much to include in order to cover the richness of Scott's personal, writing and business lives. Key events include an excursion to Ireland; Scott beginning to keep a diary; commercial concerns culminating in the 'Catastrophe of the Three Houses of Hurst and Robinson, Constable and Ballantyne' and its aftermath; the Letters of Malachi Malagrowther; the death of Charlotte - his companion for thirty years; and a journey to London and Paris. Published simultaneously with this reprint is a volume bringing together the 1838 publication Refutation of the Mistatements and Calumnies contained in Mr Lockhart’s Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart respecting The Messrs Ballantyne, Lockhart’s response to ‘The Ballantyne-Humbug’ and the Ballantyne Trust’s subsequent retort.

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