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Stickit Minister, The
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By Crockett, S.R. With an Introduction by Andrew Nash
ISBN 1904999565
SERIES The Kailyard Authors
Paperback  200 pages
Subject [Fiction ]
Published 8 November 2007
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S.R. Crockett's The Stickit Minister and some common men, published in 1893, was among the best-selling works of fiction of the decade. Set mostly in Galloway, in the south west of Scotland, these spirited tales offer an entertaining blend of wry humour, subtle pathos and social observation, told in energetic prose and vigorous Scots. This edition, with a new introduction, restores to print one of the key works of late nineteenth-century popular literature by one of Scotland's most successful and undervalued authors.

Andrew Nash holds degrees from the universities of Dundee, Edinburgh and St Andrews and now teaches at the University of Reading. He has written widely on nineteenth and twentieth century publishing history and various aspects of Scottish literature. His books include: Kailyard and Scottish Literature and the edited volumes The Culture of Collected Editions and Literary Cultures and the Material Book.

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