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Grey Man, The
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By Crockett, S.R. With an Introduction by Richard D. Jackson
ISBN 1904999581
SERIES The Kailyard Authors
Paperback  400 pages
Subject [Fiction ]
Published 6 June 2008
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The Grey Man is a fast-paced adventure romance set in Ayrshire, Scotland, in the reign of James VI. Written when S.R. Crockett was at the height of his power and popularity as a novelist, the story deals with the violent feud between the Kennedys of Cassillis and the Kennedys of Bargany and introduces some of his most memorable characters drawn from local folklore. The fearsome grey-clad figure of John Mure of Auchindrayne and the legendary cannibal, Sawny Bean, stalk the canvas of a novel that captures the turbulence of Scottish history. With a new introduction that draws on unpublished material to trace Crockett's composition of the story and his transformation of historical sources, this edition offers an authoritative text of this once popular work which topped the best-seller charts of 1896.

Richard D. Jackson is a graduate of the University of St Andrews. A former schoolteacher, HM Inspector of Schools and retired senior administrative civil servant, he co-edited The Forest Minstrel for The Collected Works of James Hogg, contributes regularly to Studies in Hogg and his World and has published essays in other journals on Walter Scott, John Buchan and Philip Larkin.

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