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Naomi Mitchison - Essays and Journalism

Series Editor: Moira Burgess

The writing career of Naomi Mitchison (1897-1999) stretched over some seventy years, encompassing at least seventy works of fiction as well as non-fiction, poetry and plays. Almost unknown, however, is the mass of shorter prose pieces – journalism, essays, polemics, reminiscences – which Mitchison produced during her long career. There are many hundreds of these pieces, covering a tremendously wide range of topics, an untapped resource both in Mitchison biography and in the wider field of social history. Naomi Mitchison: Essays and Journalism will present as much as possible of this fascinating, valuable and hitherto neglected work. Mitchison’s multi-faceted intelligence and her world-wide, universe-wide view have long been recognised in her fiction. In these rediscovered pieces, such qualities are evident again. Seven volumes are planned, each with its own index, any necessary glossary, and full explanatory notes; their exact content and size is to be established as material comes to hand:

Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
Early Years Mitchison, Naomi 1849210101 £16.95 approx $30.00 approx
Carradale Mitchison, Naomi. Edited, and with an Introduction by, Moira Burgess 184921011x £16.95 $30.00
Scotland Mitchison, Naomi. 1849210128 £16.95 approx $30.00 approx
Africa Mitchison, Naomi. 1849210136 £16.95 approx $30.00 approx
Travel Writing Mitchison, Naomi. 1849210144 £16.95 approx $30.00 approx
Literature and Reviews Mitchison, Naomi. 1849210152 £16.95 approx $30.00 approx
Miscellaneous and Cumulative index Mitchison, Naomi 1849210160 £16.95 approx $30.00 approx

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