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nineteenth_century_scottish_womens_fiction Series

Series Editor: Ann McManus Scriven

The Nineteenth Century Scottish Women’s Fiction Series brings back into print writing by Scottish women that has previously disappeared from the publisher’s list. The series flaunts an esoteric and eclectic air as titles and authors assemble to form a unique collection which reflects the diversity of this submerged field.

The Nineteenth Century series period opens with Susan Ferrier’s three-volume second novel The Inheritance (1824) and ends with writing by Jane and Mary Findlater, whose dates - spanning the turn of the century, (1865 - 1963), - do not strictly qualify them for inclusion in this time category, but whose ambivalent embrace of modernity does. Other works in preparation include examples of Margaret Oliphant’s prolific output and writing by Flora Annie Steel, Christian Isobel Johnstone and Henrietta Keddie (‘Sarah Tytler’).The series will be of interest to the serious researcher, the undergraduate and anyone interested in knowing more of Scotland’s women writers.

Anne McManus Scriven has researched the writing of Margaret Oliphant and contemporaneous works. She has taught courses on Scottish Literature at the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde. Her new edition of Oliphant’s Kirsteen (1890) is forthcoming with the Association for Scottish Literary Studies. She is also currently working on a book which discusses the influence of place on the twentieth century Scottish writer.

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St Aubin, Or, the Infidel Stewart, Janet. With a Literary Biography by Richard D. Jackson. 1849211124 £14.95 $25.00

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