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General Belinda
Ethel Carnie Holdsworth.Introduced by Roger Smalley.
ISBN 9781849211369
SERIES Ethel Carnie Holdsworth
Paperback  250 pages
Published 17 January 2019    UK Price £14.95    US Price $19.95   

The third novel to be brought back into print in The Ethel Carnie Holdsworth Series, edited by Dr Nicola Wilson, a collection and study of the author's writings that explores her contribution to British working-class literature.
It is not for nothing that Belinda’s father called her "The General”.
Belinda could marshal and control more than armies — she could control the people about her.
Belinda’s father dies and she is left with an ailing mother to support.
But nothing daunted, she sells up their beloved home and sets out on her long Odyssey of domestic service.There surely never was a domestic servant like Belinda.
Staving off irate butchers when there is no money to pay them, helping elopements, protecting down-trodden wives, become every-day occurrences in Belinda’s life, through which her extreme good-nature and sense of humour carry her in triumph.


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