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Ethel Carnie Holdsworth Series

General Editor: Nicola Wilson, University of Reading, England.

Nicola Wilson is a lecturer in English literature at the University of Reading. She is writing a book on Home in British Working-Class Fiction (Ashgate, 2014), and has published research on working-class writing in Key Words and The Oxford History of the Novel in English, vol. 7 (forthcoming). In 2011 she introduced and edited Ethel Carnie Holdsworth’s 1925 novel, This Slavery (Trent).

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Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
Collected Poems: Rhymes from the Factory (with additions); Songs of a Factory Girl; Voices of Womanhood Carnie, Ethel. (Ethel Carnie Holdsworth) 9781849212120 £16.95 $24.95
General Belinda Carnie, Ethel (Ethel Carnie Holdsworth). Introduced by Roger Smalley. 9781849211369 £12.95 $17.50
Helen of Four Gates Carnie, Ethel. (Ethel Carnie Holdsworth) 9781849211284 £12.95 $19.95
Miss Nobody Carnie, Ethel. (Ethel Carnie Holdsworth) 9781849211277 £12.95 $19.95

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