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The Kailyard Authors Series

Series Editor: Andrew Nash

'Few things are more remarkable in the recent history of our literature, than the rise of a new school of Scottish fiction, drawing its inspiration from locality and national character.' (Times, 19 January 1895)

In the closing decades of the nineteenth century, there developed a genre of Scottish writing which had a national and international impact on a scale not seen since the days of Sir Walter Scott. The fiction of J.M. Barrie, S.R. Crockett and Ian Maclaren, later known as the literature of the 'Kailyard', was devoured by hundreds of thousands of readers in Britain and America. Set mainly in the past and in remote rural regions of Scotland, the works of these three writers have had a profound and lasting influence on subsequent Scottish literature. Yet they are more often merely known about than actually read. This new series will reprint all of the major prose works of Barrie, Crockett and Maclaren, allowing both new readers and those already familiar with the texts to look afresh at this surprisingly varied body of work and to reach their own conclusions about this vital component of the history of Scottish literature.

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Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
Tommy and Grizel Barrie, J.M. Introduction by Caroline McCracken-Flesher 1849210861 £12.95 $19.95
Silver Skull, The Crockett, S.R. Illustrated by G.Greville Manton. Introduced by Richard D. Jackson 184921087x £12.95 $19.95
Auld Licht Idylls and A Window in Thrums Barrie, J.M. Introduction by Andrew M. Nash 184921137x £10.95 $15.95
Cleg Kelly: Arab of the City Crockett, S.R. With an Introduction by Richard D. Jackson 1849211418 £12.95 $19.95
Standard Bearer, The Crockett, Samuel Rutherford. With an introduction by Richard D. Jackson 1904999255 £12.95 $19.95
Stickit Minister, The Crockett, S.R. With an Introduction by Andrew Nash 1904999565 £10.95 $20.95
Beside the Bonnie Brier-Bush Maclaren, Ian. With an Introduction by Andrew Nash 1904999573 £10.95 $20.95
Grey Man, The Crockett, S.R. With an Introduction by Richard D. Jackson 1904999581 £14.95 $27.95
Men of the Moss-Hags, The Crockett, S.R. With an Introduction by Richard D. Jackson 1904999603 £12.95 $22.50
Little Minister, The Barrie, J.M. 190499962x £12.95 $24.95
Days of Auld Langsyne, The Maclaren, Ian. With an Introduction by Ian Campbell 1904999719 £12.95 $24.95

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